Microprocessors systems programming                                                                                        

Programs for ARM processors (Luminary Micro, Cirrus Logic, NXP, Samsung), Atmel,Microchip ...
Communication RS232/485, CAN, I2C, Ethernet.
Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP / IP stacks. 
Bridges between ASCII data and Modbus RTU and TCP/IP, MBus, Lonworks ....
Embedded computers like Moxa programming...

  Telemetry systems mainly based on GPRS communication                                                            

From a simple solution with a programmable GPRS modem that enables remote data access ,
to systems with Linux, where in addition to remote access you can configure:
+ remote monitoring and configuration of the system by a web server,
+ archive data on the SD card,
+ send an e-mail,
+ send a SMS
+remote access via telnet / ssh / ftp,
+ log data to sql server (MySQL, SQLITE, POSTGRESQL)
PLC programming. SCADA programming.
Industrial networks.
C/C++, Java, VB programming.